Industry T-Slot Extruded T Slotted 6060 Aluminum Profile Aluminium Extrusion Fasteners Frame

Product Description1. Anodized Finish 6060 T6 Aluminum Profiles in Aluminium Suppliers2. Size: Outer Diameter10mm-500mm3. Wallthickness:0.6mm--50mm4.Length: 100/1000/2000/4000/6000mm, or other length as you requirements.5.Surface: mill surface; anodizing surface; polished surface; powder coated surface; colorful anodizing surfac

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Product Description
1. Anodized Finish 6060 T6 Aluminum Profiles in Aluminium Suppliers
2. Size: Outer Diameter10mm-500mm
3. Wallthickness:0.6mm--50mm
4.Length: 100/1000/2000/4000/6000mm, or other length as you requirements.
5.Surface: mill surface; anodizing surface; polished surface; powder coated surface; colorful anodizing surface
6.Process:heat extrusion,
7.Shape:round, square, or any shape as your drawings.

Product Range
Material Grade we have  
1)1000series/Pure Aluminum/Pure Aluminium:1050,1060,1070,1080,1100,1350,etc
2)2000series/Hard Aluminum/Hard Aluminium/Aluminum-Copper Alloy/ Aluminium-Copper Alloy:2011,2014,2017,2024,etc
3)3000series/ Rust-Proof Aluminum/Rust-Proof Aluminium/ Aluminum-Manganese Alloy:3002,3003,3104,3204,3030,etc
4)5000series/ Rust-Proof Aluminum/Rust-Proof Aluminium /Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy:5005,5025,5052,5040,5054,5056,5083,5152,etc
5)6000series / Aluminum-Magnesium-Silicon Alloy /Aluminium-Magnesium-Silicon Alloy /:6101,6003,6061,6063,6020,6201,6262,6082,etc
6)7000series/ Aluminum-Zinc Alloy/ Aluminium-Zinc Alloy:7003,7005,7050,7075,etc

Applications for industrial :
1.Industrial hydraulic
2.Automobile industry
3.Industrial machinery industry
4.Industrial automation
5.Rail transit
6.Heat exchange
7.Seamless pipe
8.Decoration works

Standard export packing, or as the customers' requirement.
Why choose us?
     Our company established in 2004.More than 10 years of development,we become the leader in north China market in metal material products.We have more than 1000 tons of perennial stock.
What is our customer base?
     Our customers are located in more than 80 countries and regions around the world,especially in the Middle East,Southeast Asia,South America,North America,Australia,Eastern Europe,Nordic has long-term stability of customers.
What is our advantage?
     We have high quality products and professional services. Our products after SGS,BV,ISO certification. Our salesman has more than five years of experience.
What is the delivery time?
      If we have stock, usually the delivery time is about 10-20 working days. If your products need to be produced, the delivery time is about 30 working days or 45 working days, or according to the factory arrangement.
Why does aluminum have strong antioxidant?
      In fact, aluminum is easily oxidized, the reason why the oxidation, because the surface of the dense Al2O3, the formation of a good protective film, making the elemental Al isolated from the air, reflecting a strong antioxidant.
Aluminum& Aluminum Alloy in Different Countries
Industrial pure aluminum1A991199   A199.99RA99
1A97    A199.98RA97
1A95     A95
1A80 1080(1A)10801080AA199.90A8
Rust-proof aluminum5A025052NS450525052A1Mg2.5Amg
5A03 NS5   AMg3
5A055056NB65056 A1Mg5AMg5V
Hard aluminum2A012036 21172117AlCu2.5Mg0.5D18
2A11 HF1520172017SAlCuMg1D1 
2A122124 20242024AlCuMg2D16AVTV
         2B16     2319     
Forging aluminum2A80  2N01  AK4
2A902218 2018  AK2
2A142014 20142014AlCuSiMnAK8
Super hard aluminum7A097175 70757075AlZnMgCu1.5V95P
 ZAlSi7Mn356.2LM25AC4C G-AlSi7Mg 
Cast aluminumZAlSi12413.2LM6AC3AA-S12-Y4G-Al12AL2
Aluminum alloy

ZAlSi5Cu1Mg355.2    AL5
ZAlSi2Cu2Mg1413 AC8A G-Al12(Cu) 
ZAlCu5Mn     AL19
ZAlMg10520.2LM10 AG11G-AlMg10AL8
ZAlMg5Si    G-AlMg5SiAL13

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