Diamond wire saw for hard granite blocks squared& profiled, long service life and good sharpness

             Diamond wire saw  For Hard Granite Block squarringProduction Advantage                            1. long life ,good sharpness,super stable running            &nb

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Diamond Wire Saw for Hard Granite Blocks Squarring& Profiling, Long Life and Good Sharpness

             Diamond wire saw  For Hard Granite Block squarring

Production Advantage

                            1. long life ,good sharpness,super stable running
                            2. Manufacture  the even and smooth slab
                            3. Produce slabs in very short time
                            4. Environmental  friendship, low-noise & small cutting slot.
                            5. Low power consume and lesser material waste
Granite Quarrying
IdentificationDiameter ReinforcementBeads numberCutting material Line speedCutting speedWire life
WGM115∅ 11.5 mmRubber                                Rubber+Spring40/mHard granite18-22m/s2-4 m2/h7-9 m2/m
Middle hard granite22-25m/s4-8 m2/h8-15 m2/m
WGM110∅ 11.0 mmSoft granite25-30m/s8-12 m2/h16-12 m2/m
WGM115∅ 11.5 mmRubber Rubber+Spring40/m Hard sandstone32-36m/s5-10m2/h10-20m2/m
WGM110∅ 11.5 mmSoft sandstone28-32m/s1-5m2/h15-30m2/m
Marble Quarrying
WMM115∅ 11.5 mmRubber40/mHard marble20-30m/s4-9m2/h15-25m2/m
 ∅ 11.0 mm37/mMiddle hard marble20-35m/s8-15m2/h15-35m2/m
WMM115∅ 10.5 mm33/mSoft marble25-35m/s10-20m2/h20-50m2/m
 ∅ 11.0 mmRubber+Spring30/m  Hard marble20-30m/s4-9m2/h15-25m2/m
WMM115   Middle hard marble20-35m/s8-15m2/h15-35m2/m
 ∅ 10.5 mmRubber+Spring28/mSoft marble25-35m/s10-20m2/h20-50m2/m
Block squaring
WGS110∅ 11.0 mmRubber40/m Hard granite20-30m/s  6-10m2/h7-10m2/m 
     Middle hard granite20-30m/s  8-15m2/h  8-15m2/m
WGS105∅ 10.5 mm Plastic    37/m   Soft granite20-30m/s  12-20m2/h  10-20m2/m
  ∅ 11.0 mm
Rubber   Hard marble30-40m/s 10-20m2/h  15-30m2/m
WMS105∅ 10.5 mm  
Plastic 37/m Middle hard marble30-40m/s 15-25m2/h 20-40m2/m 
 soft marble30-40m/s 20-30m2/h 30-50m2/m 
 WGP088∅ 8.8 mm   Rubber40/m Hard granite  25-30m/s 7-10m2/h7-10m2/m  
     Middle hard granite25-30m/s 8-15m2/h 10-15m2/m 
 WGP084∅ 8.4 mm  Plastic 37/m  Soft granite25-30m/s 10-20m2/h 15-20m2/m 
WMP088∅ 8.8 mm Plastic  37/m Hard marble30-40m/s 10-20m2/h  20-30m2/m 
     Middle hard marble30-40m/s  15-25m2/h 25-35m2/m 
 WMP084 ∅ 8.4 mm   33/m  Soft marble30-40m/s 20-30m2/h30-40m2/m
Reinforced Concrete
WCR115∅ 11.5 mmRubber+Spring40/mNormally reinforced22-25m/s0.8-3m2/h1-4m2/m
WCR110∅ 11.0 mmStrengthening reinforced20-25m/s0.5-2m2/h0.5-2m2/m
WCR105∅ 10.5 mmSteels or metal structure15-25m/s0.03-0.1m2/h0.2-0.5m2/m
PS: other specification are available upon request.
Diamond Wire Saw for Hard Granite Blocks Squarring& Profiling, Long Life and Good Sharpness

Diamond Wire Saw for Hard Granite Blocks Squarring& Profiling, Long Life and Good Sharpness

Transport ways choose:

a. Urgent order with less weight or samples we recommend express service.

b. Normal (regular) orders which weight over 45kgs we recommend Air Cargo.

c. Big diameter saw blades or heavy weight we recommend Sea Cargo.

Diamond Wire Saw for Hard Granite Blocks Squarring& Profiling, Long Life and Good Sharpness

 Diamond Wire Saw for Hard Granite Blocks Squarring& Profiling, Long Life and Good Sharpness


Q1. Are you a factory or trading company?

A1. We are a factory.

Q2. What's your MOQ?

A2. For our common specification, usually our MOQ should be 20pcs to 50pcs, but we accept lower quantity for your trial order.


Q3. How is your quality?

A3. We have a very seriously control system. We guarantee the high performance of our products.


Q4. Can we use our brand?

A4. Yes, we provide OEM service, just send your packaging design and Logo to us.


Q5.What is the Warranty for your products?

A5. For one year from the date of purchase, If any problem on our side, we will make prompt response, and take the shipping cost and send replacement.


Q6. Do you have different quality for different kind of stone?

A6. Yes, according hardness of stone and stone's feature, we have different typology respectively.


Q7. If we need technical support, can you offer us?

A7. Yes, we have an experienced team, offering our customers additional benefits with specific advice, by our product management staff, engineers and technicians.


Q8. How can we be your agent in our country?

A8. Please inform us your detailed company, we will discuss and propose helpful suggestion for you, and to find the best solution for you.


Q9. Do you offer free samples?

A9. Normally we do not offer free samples, but we guaranty our product's quality.


Q10. Is there cheap shipping cost to import to our country?

A10. For small order, Express will be the best, And for bulk order, sea ship way is best but take longer time. For urgent orders, we suggest via air to airport or by Express send to your door.


Q11. Which Express company you send? How many days we can receive?

A11. We are official partner of DHL, it will take only 3-5 days after we sent.


Q12. When you can reply to me when I send you an Inquiry?

A12. We promise to reply within 24 hours(not including holidays) on receipt of your inquiry.


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